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How to Break a World Record and Survive Grade Five

What world record would you like to break? The biggest slice of cake eaten in one go? The highest trampoline bounce? The most socks put on one foot? This hilarious middle-grade novel from the author of How to Be Prime Minister and Survive Grade Five is perfect for fans of Nat Amoore and Tim Harris.

(Trade paperback)
Ships on 30/07/2024

That’s the thing about the Big Book of Records. There’s a record for everyone. Anyone can earn a place in it if they just try hard enough.'

Sam is a kind and thoughtful eleven-year-old, but he thinks he’s not that great at anything. His sister, Ava, is a soccer star and his best friend, Vihaan, is an award-winning artist. The one thing Sam is good at is knowing all about the extraordinary feats in the Big Book of Records.

When Sam is set a class project about a moment he’s proud of, he can’t think of anything and takes inspiration from his favourite book. He knows he’ll be proud of himself if he can break a world record!

But breaking a world record isn’t easy. And things get even harder when someone close to Sam needs his help and he must decide: will he be good? Or be the best?

Carla Fitzgerald

Carla Fitzgerald

Carla Fitzgerald is a writer, a recovered lawyer and a mum of three from Sydney. She studied arts and law at university, and worked at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Only after that did she rediscover the great fun of making stuff up. Carla is a tutor at the Australian Writers Centre, a coach at the Harding Miller Education Foundation and a Books in Homes role model. Her favourite things to do are write, walk, read, eat and hang out with her family. Not necessarily in that order.