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UQP is proactive in selling rights – from licensing English-language rights to publishers in the UK, US, Canada and India to working on translation and film, television, audio and dramatic rights sales. We regularly attend book fairs and industry events in Australia and all over the world.

Read our 2023 Bologna Book Fair rights catalogue here, and our 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair rights catalogue here.

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Film rights

In some translation territories we work with the agents listed below. For all other rights enquiries, including English-language, film, television, audio, dramatic and any translation rights not listed below, please contact:

Erin Sandiford, Rights and Contracts Manager


Arabic language

Hend Saeed
Arabic Literature and Culture Consultancy
T: 00971559638956
E: hindalife@gmail.com


Laura Riff

Agência RIFF
Avenida Calógeras, n° 6, sala1007
20030-070 – Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
T: 55 21 2287-6299
E: laura@agenciariff.com.br

China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand

Gray Tan
The Grayhawk Agency
14F, No.63, Sec.4, Xinyi Rd.
Taipei 10684, Taiwan
T: +886-2-27059231
E: grayhawk@grayhawk-agency.com


Lora Fountain
Agence Littéraire Lora Fountain & Associates
7 rue de Belfort
75011 Paris France
T: +33 (0)1 43 56 21 96
E: lora@fountlit.com


Annelie Geissler
Seefeldstr 303

CH-8008 Zurich Switzerland
T: +41.43.244 86 26
E: sales@mohrbooks.com


Nike Davarinou
Read n’ Right Agency
26 Dimitriou Street
34132 Chalkida Greece
T: 3022210 29798
E: readrght@hol.gr

Hungary & Croatia

Judit Hermann
Nurnberg (Budapest)
Győri út
20 Hungary
T: +36 1 302 64 51
E: j.hermann@nurnberg.hu


Beverley Levit & Mickey Chesla
The Israeli Association of Book Publishers Ltd
29 Carlibach Street
Tel-Aviv 6713224 Israel
T: 972 3 5614121
E (Books for Adults): Beverley Levit, rights1@tbpai.co.il
E (Children’s & YA): Mickey Chesla, rights@tbpai.co.il


Clementina Liuzzi & Silvia Arienti
Clementina Liuzzi Literary Agency
Lungotevere Ripa 6
00153 Roma
Tel +39 06 69331440
E (Books for Adults): Clementina Liuzzi, clementina@litag.it
E (Children’s & YA): Silvia Arienti, silvia@litag.it

Japan (Non-Exclusive)

Noriko Hasegawa
Japan Uni Agency (non-exclusive)
Minami Aoyama 6-7-3 Minato-Ku Tokyo
107-0062 Japan
T: +81 3 3406 5385
E: noriko@eaj.co.jp

Korea (Non-Exclusive)

Duran Kim
Duran Kim Agency
#203 Century II, 56 Banpodaero 18-gil Seocho-gu,
Seoul 06651, Korea
T: +82 2 583 5724
E: duran@durankim.com

Netherlands & Scandinavia

Jeanine Langenberg & Lester Hekking
Sebes & van Gelderen Literary Agency
Herengracht 1621 1016 BP
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)20 616 0940
E (Books for Adults): Jeanine Langenberg, langenberg@sebes.nl
E (Children’s & YA): Lester Hekking, hekking@sebes.nl


Ryszard Turczyn
AKF Literary Agency
ul. Hoza 21/23 m. 30 00-521
Warszawa Poland
T: +48 22 621 8860
E: akf.agency@hot.pl

Russia & Ukraine

Anastasia Falcón
ANA Russia
Flat 72, Stroenie 6 21 Tsvetnoy Boulevard
127051 Moscow Russia
T: +7 495 625 8188
E: anastasia@lit-agency.ru

Spain & Portugal

Sofia Di Capita & Claudia Calva
Antonia Kerrigan Agencia Literaria
Travessera de Gracia 22, 1⁰ 2ª
08021 Barcelona Spain
+34 93 209 38 20
E: sofia@antoniakerrigan.com
E: claudia@antoniakerrigan.com


Atilla Izgi Turgut & Begüm Ayfer
Akcali Copyright Agency
Bahariye Cad. 8/9-10
34714 Kadikoy
Istanbul Turkey
T: +90 216 338 87 71 (Ext. 12)
E (Books for Adults): Atilla Izgi Turgut, atilla@akcalicopyright.com
E (Children’s & YA): Begüm Ayfer, begum@akcalicopyright.com