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How to Repaint a Life awarded Honours at the 2022 CBCAs
Posted 23.08.2022

How to Repaint a Life awarded Honours at the 2022 CBCAs

Congratulations Steven Herrick whose YA novel, How to Repaint a Life, has been awarded Honours at the 2022 Children's Book Council Awards, Book of the Year: Older Readers.

Isaac is running from his old life when he steps off the bus in a small town. He doesn’t plan on sticking around and has nowhere to stay, but a local café owner's kindness offers him a chance to change his story. Then Isaac meets Sophie and learns he’s not the only one wanting to repaint his life.

As he did so masterfully with The Simple Gift, Steven Herrick delves into the universal themes of rising above the past and taking control of your future.

The CBCA judges say...

A gentle exploration of difficult things, some universal, some specific to coming of age. Homelessness, domestic violence, misogyny and privilege are all unpacked in a way that is genuine, real and tense without ever being too overwhelming. A dramatic opening moves the story quickly along engaging readers in the outcome and the main characters lives. This is a beautiful story of contrasts; contrasting hopelessness with optimism, homelessness with family security and privilege, moral courage with revenge, old fashioned homeliness with modern chic and overall builds a picture of kindness and resourcefulness. The stunning prose captures a vivid picture of life in this small town without ever feeling overwritten. The characters are authentically written. It's compelling, honest, and heartfelt.

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