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Where We Swim

As Ingrid Horrocks takes swims in rivers, oceans and pools around the world, she considers her relationship with water and with the world around her.

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The question didn’t seem to be so much why we swim, as where and how we swim, and with whom. Also, where we fail to swim, water threatening to flood our lungs or the lungs of others, as well as where we rise and float.

Ingrid Horrocks had few aspirations to swimming mastery, but she had always loved being in the water. She set out on a solo swimming journey, then abandoned it for a different kind of immersion altogether – one which led her to more deeply examine relationships, our ecological crisis, and responsibilities to those around us.

Where We Swim ranges from solitary swims in polluted rivers in Aotearoa New Zealand, to dips in pools in Arizona and the Peruvian Amazon, and in the ocean off Western Australia and the south coast of England.

Part memoir, part travel and nature writing, this generous and absorbing book is about being a daughter, sister, partner, mother and, above all, a human being living among other animals on this watery planet.

Ingrid Horrocks

Ingrid Horrocks

Ingrid Horrocks did her PhD at Princeton and teaches creative writing at Massey University, Wellington, where she lives with her partner and two daughters. Her previous books include Travelling with Augusta, Women Wanderers and the Writing of Mobility and two collections of poetry. With Cherie Lacey, she is the co-editor of Extraordinary Everywhere. She is a member of the NonfictioNOW International Board and a contributing NZ-Aotearoa editor to the Sydney Review of Books.