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Time for Adventure, Daddy

The hilarious new picture book in Dave Hackett’s Time for… series that’s perfect for encouraging the whole family to go exploring.

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‘Come on, Daddy, it’s time for an adventure!’

‘But I have more jobs to do,’ says Daddy.

How can a little girl get her daddy ready to go on an adventure when he doesn’t want to leave the house?

When the sun is shining, and there’s the promise of a picnic, the best thing to do is to head out into the big yellow day. Time for Adventure, Daddy flips the fun on leaving work behind and adventuring into the world, celebrating the special relationship that fathers share with their children.

dave Hackett, author of Time for Aventure, Daddy; Time for Bed, Daddy; The Summer of Kicks; and Time for School, Daddy

Dave Hackett

Dave Hackett is an artist, cartoonist, author and dad who divides his time between the Sunshine Coast and the South of France with the nicest lady on the planet (to whom he is also married). He owns a share in two more cats than he planned for, often paints huge pictures on the walls of his house and knows more about 1980s music than any grown man should. Dave loves to put down his pens and walk about in nature, and thinks that every day is a big, giant adventure! Time for Adventure, Daddy is his twenty-second book.