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The Running Wish (The Wish Sisters series)

A magical and mischievous new series for early readers from beloved author Allison Rushby with illustrations by Karen Blair.

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It’s school sports day and Flick is ready to run! So is Dad. He’s been training for the parent–teacher race. But excitement like this puts baby Birdie in a wishing mood. Soon Flick’s nerves are jittery – and not just because of the competition.

How can she make sure her team wins fair and square when Birdie starts meddling with the most important race of the day?

Allison Rushby
Photo by Little Family Photo Co.

Allison Rushby

Allison Rushby made a wish when she was six years old. She wished to be a ballerina with pierced ears. Not long after this, she wrote her very first book (not about a ballerina) and decided to be an author with pierced ears instead. She went on to write many more books, for both adults and children, though none of them were sticky-taped together like that first one. She lives in Brisbane with her family and her two not very useful assistants, Harry the Bordoodle and Titus the Sphynx. To learn more about Allison, visit www.allisonrushby.com.

Karen Blair
Photo by Jessica Wyld

Karen Blair

When Karen Blair was young she wished she could see the fairies in the garden and would sometimes leave baked beans out for them. She also wished that she could draw all day and now the wish has come true! Karen loves to illustrate characters that are young, old and in between. She lives in Fremantle, Western Australia, with her husband, two children and a small dog called Dobby, who thinks he’s a cat. To learn more about Karen, visit www.karenblair.com.au.