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Tom Jokinen, author of Curtains: Adventures Of An Undertaker In Training

Tom Jokinen


Tom Jokinen was a radio producer and video-journalist with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation before becoming an apprentice undertaker. Outside the world of journalism, he has worked as a railroad operator, an editorial cartoonist, and spent two years in medical school at the University of Toronto. He dropped out, but not before dissecting two human cadavers. Jokinen has built his own corteges with toy soldiers and matchboxes, and buried no fewer than six doomed pet gerbils. Coupled with a taste for immortality (his maternal grandmother was struck by lightning and survived … twice) and the fact that he is a Finn (Finns, they say, are only ever truly happy when they’re dreaming of their own funerals), Jokinen may well have been born to work in a funeral home. http://tomjokinen.com/