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Carla Fitzgerald on How to be Prime Minister and Survive Grade Five
17 Sept 2022 / 2:00pm
The Book Cow Bookshop, Kingston

Carla Fitzgerald on How to be Prime Minister and Survive Grade Five

Your dad becomes PM but isn’t exactly up to it. Then he sneaks off on holiday, leaving the country without a leader. What would you do??

About this event

At the Book Cow, we get a lot of books about politics, Prime Ministers and democracy. But few are as interesting and engaging as this one! And very few set out to prove that a kid can lead the country better than a grown-up.

How to be Prime Minster and Survive Grade Five is a humorous story about friendship, courage and self-belief. Harper's dad is terrible at being PM. He only got the top job after a heroic boogie-board rescue of two kids (and a labradoodle) from a shark attack. But running a government is something completely different.

Their family is a laughing stock, and now that he has disappeared to a ‘conference’ – but he leaves his phone behind. With her little sister, Lottie, Harper must secretly take his place and decide on a new policy by the end of the week. She finds herself torn between ideas – should she ban plastic bottles? Or make weekends longer? What would you do??

So join us for a book party with cupcakes, fun activities, maybe an opportunity to have a photo with an ex-PM or two?? Or even better come dressed up as a PM (and don't forget to bring along your own Administrative Arrangements Order).

Special shout out for teachers as well: This book comes with amazing teachers' notes that will help not only discuss the text but explore the concepts of democracy, citizenship and power. Find them HERE.

About Carla: Carla Fitzgerald is a writer, a recovered lawyer and mum of three from Sydney. She studied arts/law at university before working for a judge, in private practice and at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Only after that did she rediscover the great fun of making stuff up and writing it down. Carla is a Books in Homes role model and a coach with the Harding Miller Education Foundation. Her favourite things to do are write, walk, read, eat, and hang out with her family. Not in that order.

This event is free but registration is essential.

The Book Cow Bookshop
47 Jardine Street
Kingston ACT 2604