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Who's Who in the Zoo

More incredible stories from the authors of the best-selling The Second Father: An Insider’s Story of Cops, Crime and Corruption.

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Who’s Who in the Zoo is a first-hand account of Domenico ‘Mick’ Cacciola’s life as a CIB and Special Branch detective over three decades. It captures the colour and grit of policing in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, which in its heyday was the sleazy epicentre of gambling and prostitution. Be transported to the pre and post Fitzgerald Inquiry eras: the crooked cops, the corrupt politicians, the stand-over men, the informants, the bank robbers, the drugs, the murderers, the crime and the violence.

From making the arrest in Australia’s first televised siege (the hijacking of the Seaworld helicopter) to being expected to chauffeur Commissioner Terry Lewis’s mother around, Cacciola has done – and seen – it all. He held a gun to the head of a hitman contracted by the Griffith mafia to kill Cacciola himself and grasped desperately as a woman trying to suicide off a bridge slipped from his fingers. Always an honest cop, Cacciola was told to turn a blind eye to the gambling and prostitution rife in the Valley. He did as he was told, for a while anyway…

Just as the bestselling Three Crooked Kings captured a nation’s interest, this in-your-face true-crime book will enthral.

Domenico 'Mick' Cacciola

Domenico 'Mick' Cacciola

Domenico ‘Mick’ Cacciola is a decorated police officer who joined the police force in 1966. He received the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct in 1977 and the National Medal in 1991, among other awards. Now retired, he runs a consultancy service and enjoys time with his wife, three children and grandchildren. He is the author, with Ben Robertson, of his memoir The Second Father: An Insider’s Story of Cops, Crime and Corruption and Who's Who in the Zoo: A Story of Corruption, Crooks and Killers.

Ben Robertson

Ben Robertson is a former journalist with The Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail. He was bureau chief of their Gold Coast and North Queensland newsrooms in the early 1990s before becoming a reporter with WIN television based in Cairns and Townsville. He has worked as a freelance journalist and sub-editor for IPC Magazines in London and later for Brisbane News magazine where he wrote an architecture column and travel features.

Ben is the author of The Von: Stories and Suggestions from Australian Golf’s Little Master about Australian sporting legend Norman von Nida (UQP, 1999) and The Second Father: An Insider’s Story of Cops, Crime and Corruption (UQP, 2009), the memoir of former undercover policeman and Italian migrant Domenico ‘Mick’ Cacciola.