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The World Last Night

An exciting new collection from one of Australia’s most daring poets

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The world tomorrow is haunted only by what doesn’t happen now.

A new volume from Cronin is much-anticipated and The World Last Night is rich, polished and delightful. It has a confidence and grace about it and moves from wit to whimsy, encompassing profundity with the lightest of touches. This collection is intellectually invigorating but wears this erudition lightly – there is a vital sense of joy running through the poems, and a beautiful evocation of the possibilities of a joyful life. The poetry has a clarity and accessibility that invite readers into its fields of inquiry.

M.T.C. Cronin

M.T.C. Cronin

MTC Cronin has published eighteen books (poetry, prose poems and essays) including a collection jointly written with the Australian poet Peter Boyle. Several of her books have appeared in translation including her 2001 book, Talking to Neruda’s Questions, which has been translated into Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Early 2009 saw the publication of Squeezing Desire Through a Sieve Micro-Essays on Judgement & Justice (Puncher & Wattmann, Sydney) and Irrigations (of the Human Heart) Fictional Essays on the Poetics of Living, Art & Love (Ravenna Press, USA). Her work has won and been shortlisted for many major literary awards, both internationally and in her native Australia.

Cronin has studied arts, law, literature and creative writing and after working for the decade of the nineties in law, began teaching writing in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. She currently lives, with her partner and three daughters, on a biodynamic farm in Conondale in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland.

Her latest poetry collection, The World Last Night [Metaphors for Death], has been published by UQP (2012).