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The View from Ararat

One hundred years after the Revolution, Deucalion is a model society and life is good. But all that is about to change.

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Death arrives one day on the C-ship, Pandora, and suddenly no one is safe. Overnight, the old rules no longer apply. When every breath and every decision is a matter of life and death, when every friend is a potential threat, and the only one you can count on is yourself, how deep does your civilisation really run?

In the sequel to the multi-award-winning Deucalion, Brian Caswell takes us a century further into his vision of Humanity's future. Once again, he merges fact with fantasy in a gripping read for young adults and lovers of speculative fiction alike.

Brian Caswell
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Brian Caswell

Since 1989, Brian Caswell has written twenty-four books including the best-selling A Cage of Butterflies. His work has received many awards and shortlistings, including the Children’s Peace Literature Award, the Vision Australia, Young Adult Audio Book of the Year Award, the Aurealis Award for science-fiction and fantasy, the Australian Multicultural Children’s Literature Award, the Human Rights Awards, the NSW Premier’s Awards (three times), and he has been included in the prestigious International Youth Library’s ‘White Ravens’ list four times. All his published novels have been listed as Notable Books, by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. He lives on the NSW Central Coast with his wife Marlene.