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Kitchen Table Economics and Investing

Know more, invest more wisely, retire with more confidence

(Trade paperback)

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The global economy is likely to get worse before it gets better. We can no longer sit back and expect that our superannuation or pension programs will see us comfortably through retirement. Unless we take an interest in how much we are putting aside and how our money is being invested – and the earlier in our working lives the better – there is a good chance that we will end up with less than we expect.

This timely book explains, in everyday language, the driving forces behind the economic issues we face, and how they are likely to play out. It also lays out the basics of saving and investing for retirement, then builds on these basics for those who wish to go further. Find out more about:
  • equities, bonds, cash, and property

  • gold and currency

  • borrowing and leverage in investing

  • dynamic asset allocation, for the more experienced investor

Damian Lillicrap offers a rare insider’s view of the finance and investment industry and shares over two decades of expertise gained from working in the world’s major financial markets. He relates the economies of countries to the budgets that families deal with around their kitchen tables; the same home truths apply to both.

If you don’t know where to start to get your superannuation or pension in order, if you want to make sense of the finance news, if you are concerned about the legacy you are leaving your children, then you must read Kitchen Table Economics and Investing.

Damian Lillicrap

Damian Lillicrap

Damian Lillicrap is the Head of Investment Strategy for QSuper. He invests $38 billion in global portfolios for 550,000 fund members. He arrived in the world of finance after a stint in the real world. He studied chemical engineering then worked as an engineer for 5 years. He fell into finance via a working holiday in London. His roles evolved from photocopying and distributing reports for traders, to generating return and risk analysis before managing portfolios. He has now been in finance for over twenty years, first working for Credit Suisse in London, later the Commonwealth and Macquarie Banks in Sydney, then to the Queensland Investment Corporation before his current role with QSuper. He lives in Brisbane. http://www.barenakedeconomist.com