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Chook Chook:
Little and Lo in the City


From a talented voice in children’s storytelling comes a heartfelt tale of family, friendship and belonging set against the backdrop of China.


‘Why can't things just go back to normal? The way they were before?’ I whispered in the dark.

With chickens Little and Lo now an accepted part of the family, Mei’s happier than ever. That is until Ma decides to marry the one-eyed butcher. Now Mei has a new dad, a new brother and new pets to contend with. As if that isn't enough, her brother Guo decides to leave the farm and study in the city.

Mei's not so sure there's a place for her and her chickens in the little farmhouse anymore. So when Little and Lo get into trouble, she knows she has to escape.

Can one girl and two chickens find their way alone in the big city?

Wai Chim

Wai Chim

Wai grew up in New York City but has spent the past several years living in sunny Sydney. When she was five years old, she started her first book about a ‘daddy chicken’; it came to three pages, most of it pictures. It only took her more than twenty years to come up with the rest!

Chook Chook is Wai's first published book. Part of the internet generation, Wai currently works in digital marketing. You can find her online at www.waichim.com.
www.waichim.com http://twitter.com/onewpc/