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Thea Astley: Selected Poems
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Thea Astley: Selected Poems

Author: Thea Astley   Cheryl Taylor  

The first published collection of poetry by Australian literary legend Thea Astley

Thea Astley won multiple prizes for her fiction, including four Miles Franklin Awards. However, her earliest ambition was to write poetry. It remained her private passion throughout her student days into adulthood.

This exciting volume brings together for the first time many poems that have never been seen or published. It traces Astley’s development as a writer as she evokes wartime Brisbane, her fascination with the natural landscape and her encounters with small-town life.

Thea Astley: Selected Poems provides admirers of Astley’s fiction with unprecedented insight into an Australian literary legend.

The Acolyte
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Collected Stories Thea Astley
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