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Doing It
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Doing It

Author: Karen Pickering

Women love sex. So why do we have such a difficult time accepting them as sexual creatures?

For a society that loves to project sex onto women, we’re not so keen on their free sexual expression. Doing It brings together some incredible female writers to reflect on why that might be, how they feel about sex, and why they love it. Women don’t get to talk about this, or hear it, enough.

Edited by renowned feminist Karen Pickering, Doing It celebrates women taking control of their sexual lives, with some brilliant writing on intimacy, physicality, gender and power. These stories encourage honest discussions about sex and remind us of simple truths: women’s bodies are their own, everybody’s idea of good sex is different, and loving sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

Featuring some of Australia’s most engaging voices, and some international stars, this exceptional collection combines the serious, the hilarious, the satirical, the personal, the political, and the downright sexy.


Contributors include:

Hanne Blank

Emily Maguire

Clem Bastow

Jax Jacki Brown

Amy Gray

Van Badham

Amy Middleton

Adrienne Truscott

Maria Lewis

Tilly Lawless

Jenna Price

Deirdre Fidge

Jane Gilmore

Brigitte Lewis

Michelle Law

Simona Castricum

Rosanna Beatrice

Anne-Frances Watson

Jessamy Gleeson

Sinead Stubbins

Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

Fiona Patten